LUNAR New Year 2018


Soak in the Lunar New Year festivities with our quality offerings.

Using only the finest quality butter, we ensure that you enjoy more of the good stuff.

These Lunar New Year goodies are available at Monks Coffee Roasters until 2 March 2018 or while stocks last.

You could place your orders via whatapp +628116302088

Peony Parcel

Nastar, kaastangel, almond and peanut cookies

Much thoughts have gone into the details of this simple elegant design. Peony represents the flower of riches and honour, as we hope that this gift would bring prosperity to those who received it.

Prosperity parcel

High quality artisan homemade cookies, freshly roasted coffee, wine

Handmade rattan basket that consist of variations of merchandise offered in store. 

Bloom Parcel

Nastar and Kaastangel, two bottles of high quality raw honey by Madu Efi, a Sumatran apiary located at Kaban Jahe, and definitely a pack of our house blend.

Our first time partnering with Sumatran apiary, Madu Efi.

Nastar cookies

Homemade jam, high quality butter pastry

This year we have improved the recipe to include more pineapple jam into every single hand rolled pastry.

Almond Cookies

Original ground almonds and almond slice

Almond cookies thats crumbly and less sweetened.

Crumbly cookies of both creamy and chunky peanut.

Kaastangel Cookies

Savory cheese cookies with parmesan and cheddar.

Kaastangel which means cheese stick, is a savory cookies.